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How to Request Production Access for Your Amazon AWS Account: Getting out of "Sandbox" Mode on Amazon SES

In order to start sending emails using ConvertLoop via Amazon SES, you need to get your Amazon AWS/SES account of the "Sandbox" Mode and switch to Production Mode.

To get your Amazon AWS Account out of Sandbox mode, you have to increase the email sending quota/limit for your Amazon AWS/SES Account.

To increase the email sending quota/limit for your Amazon AWS/SES Account and get your account of the "Sandbox" mode, follow these simple steps:

1. Submit an email sending quota ticket on Amazon SES by filling out the form you will find in this link.

By clicking on the previous link, you will find a form where you will find the following questions:

  • Limit type
    Select SES Sending Limits

  • Mail Type - Optional
    Select Marketing

  • Website URL - Optional
    Enter your website's URL if you have one.

  • My email-sending complies with the AWS Service Terms and AUP - Optional
    Select "Yes" if your emails comply

  • I only send to recipients who have specifically requested my mail - Optional
    Select"Yes" if this is correct

  • I have a process to handle bounces and complaints - Optional
    Select "Yes", as ConvertLoop handles your email bounces and Spam complaints

  • Region
    Select your region

  • Limit
    Select "Desired Daily Send Quota"

  • New limit value

  • Enter the maximum number of emails you are planning on sending in per day. We strongly suggest you you enter 50,000 emails, which is the common amount Amazon grants new users. If you need to increase this number in the future, you may do so as many times as you require.

  • Use Case Description
    Describe what your business does, the types of emails you currently send your email database, the number of contacts you currently have, how you've captured the email addresses in your database, and that they can unsubscribe from your emailing lists if they wish to (ConvertLoop allows you to do this by inserting and unsubscribe link in your emails).

    As to the way you capture the email addresses in your database, it's important to mention the online lead capture forms you have, that people subscribe to your mailing lists during events, etc. It is not a good practice to buy email lists online.
    The following is an example of a User Case Description you could send:
    "My business is a training company. We build our mailing lists with inbound marketing, and people who sign up online or offline (via events) to our mailing list. We have a mechanism to handle bounces and complaints throughout our email service provider client, and we have a total contact list of 80.000 subscribers which we project is going to increase in a monthly base. We send newsletter emails, product and service updates, and relevant information based on our subscribers' interests."

  • Contact Method
    Select Web

2. Submit your form.

3. Once you've submitted your request, you will receive a response in the following 48 hours.

If you have any additional doubts about increasing the daily sending quota for your Amazon SES Account, click here to learn more.

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